Adventures In A 1 Bathroom Remodel

Well what can I say we have been busy working on our bathroom tile project, which in reality is a full bathroom remodel. We needed to move the toilet and also eventually want to add a double vanity as well as remove the window new fans ect.

The challenge with this is we live in a 2 bedroom 1 bath house and my wife is well over 20 weeks pregnant. So it makes a pretty simple project become a more difficult project. Not to mention along the way we decided to do heated flooring since there is no heat right now in the bathroom, this was an added step of adding durarock as well as the radiant wiring.

We also had to remove and patch walls for new plumbing for the toilet as well as where all the wiring comes in for the thermostat, I will still have more plumbing to changes and walls to patch once we have locations for the vanity plumbing.

Luckily I had to change plumbing because half of the tub just came apart and wasn’t even glued anymore. So I had to fix all the old plumbing too.

I will say that I am very happy with how things are coming along even though we wish they would have happened quicker we took 12 days off with hopes of being able to tackle the project and spend over 7 days sick and still not even 100% and are headed back to work tomorrow. But we have been plugging away with what we can do why making sure we were not without a toilet for long periods of time (Again Pregnant Wife) Needless to say things are slowly coming along and here is the progress we are at and some photos of the plumbing as well as the tile work. I’ll update as the project gets closer to being finished and make sure to post some finished photos as well.



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