Two months and counting!

We have officially been in our new house for a little over two months now, and even though we have done a lot already it’s still baffling how much we have left to do, we still have some projects that are half finished and I won’t lie when you have a pregnant wife, and a young daughter it makes it a little harder to just run ramped on the projects.

Instead we have to really visualize how to get sections done. We decided to do a staycation but unfortunately we were sick for almost a week of our 12 day vacation, we have only three days left and still a lot to do in a major bathroom overhaul, not only did we decide to tile the bathroom we had no heat so we talked with our local tile shop and the suggested heated flooring. This took more time and effort. I also had the challenge of doing the floor why not losing the toilet since it’s our only bathroom. I had to cut a new hole where the vanity used to be as well as removing the old venting system, and cutting through boards the have people put up. Making an easy toilet cut out three times harder. 

I also have the challenges of replumbing downstairs and I can only do a certain amount of the bathroom at a time to keep stuff from flowing into the rooms the baby can get into. Needless to say doing a remodel on your only bathroom where you are changing where things go is not an easy task.

I will be posting up some more updates as well as a few of the other projects I have been working on once I have a little more time!



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