Bathroom Design & Basement

Hey Everyone,

It’s been a busy few weeks for us, just like everyone else. We had the move, then christmas and new years, now the NFL playoffs! Luckily I have had a little time to sit down and work on the design of the bathroom as well as more design work on the basement.

In between the design ideas I’ve been relentlessly painting old wood trim into a off white we chose with our paint schemes. I have gotten all the trim painted in our daughters room, and most our room. I also got trim done in some of the living room, but still have to big windows to do. I have also been working on the basement as much as I can and have done more than a few dump runs. I just ripped out a bunch of make shift shelving the old homeowner left, as well as some other stuff. I got some free tile from my boss and cleaned up the entry and did a dry run of the tile he gave me to see how it’s looking. We are taking some time off finally next month and I hope to get some work done in the bathroom, as well as hopefully frame the basement theater wall and work on our table project and bench project. We will see how things work out.  Here is a couple updated designs for the bathroom and the theater room.


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