Basement/Home Theater

So for me as a new homeowner and DIY person I had a vision when we put the big on our house, our place is only a 2 bedroom 1,056 sq ft house, but for me a few of the selling points were the basement which has about 500 sq feet of pour concrete and usable and probably another 100-150 I can pour concrete into and make useable. One of my visions was to have a home theater room, that feels like walking into the movies and also doing a poker area with another TV and spot for people if they wanted to stay. Then with the bonus area i’d work on getting concrete poured and then run that into like a small art type play room for me the wife and the kids.

There are a few obstacles in doing this type of this one right now we have a big 85 gallon water pump tank because out house runs on a water holding tank, the other is there is has downstairs as well as a water heater, so my goal if to go tankless water heater and water pump, move both into a better location and remove all the hvac, a boiler on gas is not the most efficient and cheapest way to heat a house, since we don’t plan on using it I want to utilize the space.

Luckily the piping for the boiler runs all the way to the roof and I can replace it with a stove and put the stove in a better spot hopefully. I have taken some decent measurements and pondered different ideas in my head but until everything is cleaned out it will be hard to know how everything will fit 100%.

With that being said I have been working in Google Sketchup to come up with some basic concept here is the first sketch of what I’ve been able to come up with.

Stay Tuned For More


Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 12.36.09 PM


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