My First Post

This blog will be all about the experience of being a first time home owner who is doing a lot of DIY, and also using contractors when we can afford it.

I am an experienced construction worker who has been doing construction for most of my life. I have skills in concrete, plumbing, framing, painting, and hardwood flooring. My family has recently purchased a fixer upper house in Ketchikan Alaska, it was a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom with a basement and a good amount of property to do things with. We are doing a bunch of stuff to the house from painting, to wiring, and a full basement man cave. We also plan on building a shop, replacing the fencing for the play area, creating a new outdoor play area for the little one, We also plan on building a gazebo down in front of the porch and eventually adding another story to the house with a master bedroom/bathroom and office space.

We have a ton of projects we have already worked on and are working on. I also thought I’d share ideas on projects I have researched. I have always wanted to share my experience and also show the steps each of these projects take to complete.

I hope that creating this blog it will inspire first time home owners to not be afraid to take on a fixer upper even if they are not getting  big bank loan to do all the remodeling.


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